Become a confident facilitator.

Learn how to manage meetings, lead team sessions and deliver interactive events.

How often are you asked, as part of your role to:

  • share ideas with the management team?
  • facilitate an event?
  • train people in new skills?
  • bring colleagues on board with a new project or system?

The Facilitator’s Workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to engage, challenge and inspire others. But be careful: it will change the way you communicate - permanently!

We hand you the tools so that you can

  • confidently present ideas and information
  • plan and deliver engaging sessions
  • focus and facilitate discussions and decision-making

As with all of our training, The Facilitator’s Workshop is tailored to meet your specific needs. It is very interactive, with practice sessions built in so that delegates become comfortable with new techniques.

The Facilitator’s Workshop is a one day programme which covers the basics of

  • identifying a clear focus for the session
  • designing  a format which will engage delegates
  • presenting information in a relevant way
  • facilitating and managing discussion
  • dealing with distractions and personalities
  • drawing conclusions and agreeing actions

£1200 + expenses  at cost (up to 8 people)

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