Get your priorities right, manage your time, and reduce stress.

Time is the most precious thing we have – once spent, we can never get it back. 

It is essential that we use it wisely, whether at work or at home, to give value to everything we do.

Poor time management in the workplace is a primary cause of stress, and causes problems for both individuals and businesses.

The Time & Priorities Workshop focuses on the key aspects of good time management.


We show you how to:

  • focus on priorities
  • organise better
  • identify how time is spent and lost
  • identify time wasters outwith and within your control
  • delegate appropriately
  • say NO – assertively
  • make decisions
  • tackle procrastination
  • deal with interruptions

As with all of our training, the Time and Priorities Workshop is very interactive. Delegates will develop an individual action plan to manage their time and priorities in the future.

£1200 + expenses at cost (up to 8 people)

For more information, contact us or call on 07834 706553.

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