Communicate confidently in business situations.

Affordable training in presentations, facilitation, time management skills and assertiveness.

We provide real learning for people in the real world with workshops that are innovative, stimulating and cost effective.

All our training is tailored to your needs so that every session is relevant and gets results.

We can:

  • Develop and improve your communication skills
  • Provide dynamic facilitation of group events
  • Train your trainers to national standards
  • Animate and enliven conferences and away-days

Tell us what you’re looking for: we can design it to fit.

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The Speaker's Workshop

Speak confidently to groups and audiences.

The Trainer's Workshop

Share your skills and knowledge with the next generation of experts.

The Confidence Workshop

Think, speak and act confidently.

The Workshop Workshop

Design and deliver dynamic learning sessions.

The Facilitator's Workshop

Design and manage group events.

The Time and Priorities Workshop

Work smarter and eliminate stress.

The DEVA Workshop

Facilitating and enlivening your conferences and away-days.